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Are you looking to learn more about your skin and how it works? Tired of trying product after product that doesn’t work for your skin? Wondering why your skin is irritated/suddenly breaking out? Thinking about splurging on some expensive laser treatments? All of the above?

This Skincare eBook is for you!

Packed full of science-backed skincare information, tips, cheat sheets, and handy diagrams, the Science Becomes Her Skincare eBook is your go-to skincare resource!

Learn about how your skin functions, what causes common skin conditions and complaints, and how you can fix them, all while avoiding falling for sneaky marketing terms.

164 Pages Packed Full Of Skincare Science!

Learn everything you need to know about:

The basic anatomy of your skin

How your hormones affect your skin

How your environment affects your skin

How to work out your skin type

How to create a basic skincare routine

How to add active ingredients into your skincare routine (and what the different actives do)

What causes acne and how you can treat it

What causes acne scars and how you can prevent them and treat them

Why your skin ages and what you can and can't do about it

Why your skin may actually be dehydrated and what to do about it

What causes enlarged pores and how you can minimize their appearance with skincare

Why you get dark marks/hyperpigmentation and how you can combine different treatments to get the best results

How you can treat rosacea and other facial redness

What different professional skincare treatments do, how they work, and whether they are suitable for your skin.

Plus some added extras!

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Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Laura, a registered nurse who discovered a love for all things skincare while working in dermatology and aesthetics.

During this time, I noticed how confusing a lot of my clients found the wide-variety of skincare ingredients, treatments, and products (as did I).

How do these treatments work? Do they even work?

*Cue excessive searching through dermatology and aesthetic journals*

Turns out there is actually plenty of research to back-up a lot of skincare ingredients!

I was sure that there must be more people out there who are interested in the science behind skincare and, thus, was born!

If you have found any articles on this website useful or if you’re a fan of my Instagram page, this Skincare eBook is for you!

Risk-Free Purchase!

I wan't you to be 100% happy with your purchase! If you decide that this ebook wasn't the right choice for you, I will give you a full refund! No hard feelings!



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